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Automotive Traveler Magazine: Vol 3 Iss 5 Page 36

Contributors: Writers, Photographers, and Designers in This Issue

The founding editor and editorial director of AutomotiveTraveler.com and Automotive Traveler magazine, Richard Truesdell ("Dream Drive," "Rear View Mirror") gets pretty creative when planning his itineraries: driving Lima, Peru to Quito, Ecuador in a Ferrari 599; retracing the route of the cult classic Vanishing Point in a vintage Hemi Challenger and the brand-new Challenger SRT8 (the first auto journalist to do so); even taking a Jeep Wrangler in General Patton's tank tracks from Normandy to Bastogne just after the 9/11 attacks. In this issue's cover story, he looks back one final time at what he calls "the best week in my life." Keep up with Richard Truesdell's latest travels and vehicle reviews through Automotive Traveler's Facebook page.

A freelance travel writer and seasoned international traveler who hails from Jacksonville, Florida, Debi Lander ("Tank-of-Gas Adventure," "Road-Trip Food") considers photography her hobby and has a keen interest in Cs: cars, cooking, and children (she's known as Mimi to her six grandkids), and visits to castles, cathedrals, and the Caribbean. She is a former marathon runner whose body told her to switch to yoga. Her AutomotiveTraveler.com blog, Bimmer Dreamer, recounts numerous sagas of road trips taken in her 550i BMW, acquired through European delivery in Munich. Read more of Debi Lander's writings on her website, ByLanderSea.com, or at her travel journal and food blog, By~Lander~Sea Food Tales.

At times, Carmen Madrid ("The Automotive Traveler's Bookshelf") finds it hard to choose between writing and breathing. A freelance travel and opinion writer, she grew up in California but now writes from the hills of New Hampshire. She is co-founder of an independent book publishing company, The Armarium Press, and loves to share anecdotes and thoughts about her travels by writing for such sites as RecreationFun.net. Having spent more than 20 years in the corporate arena, half of it in management, she always thinks someone is waiting to hear her opinion. Her own car collection has included a 1969 Mustang and 1970 Chevy Luv Truck, to name a few. Follow her online at Twitter.com/HaveCarWillTrvl.

As an industry analyst, market forecaster, marketing strategist, writer, and historian, Sam Fiorani ("Behind the Wheel") has more slashes next to his name than a Hollywood mogul. He writes to tell stories about cars, to educate and inform, and to impress his 11th-grade English teacher, Mrs. Gardill, who told him to find a day job. His current projects include a regular newspaper column, a book on little-known cars of the 1980s, staying ahead of the oil spewing from his MG, and finding sponsors for the restoration of his 20-year-old pocket rocket. Follow Sam Fiorani on Twitter, read his column online, and check out his YouTube channel.

Brian A. Veit is the artistic talent behind Automotive Traveler's covers. A professional presentation specialist, his clients range from the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation to Jack Morton Worldwide. He has teamed up with companies in North America and Europe for projects from the boardroom to the ballroom, and sometimes even the odd amphitheater, and has also produced numerous long- and short-lead press presentations for GM, Chrysler, and Ford. He has years of traditional theater experience as well, from lighting and scenic design to touring as assistant carpenter with the 14th national tour of CATS! He has worked as a freelance designer under the business moniker ScrewHead Graphics since 2002.

Robyn Larson McCarthy ("The Road Ahead," "Go Dogs Go!") brings more than 20 years of publishing experience (and a 1964 Corvair convertible) to her position as editor of Automotive Traveler. She has worked for such diverse magazines as Reason and Mobile Electronics, been published in The Wall Street Journal, Investor's Business Daily, USA Today, and The Journal of Commerce, and served as a policy analyst for the Independent Women's Forum. A graduate of Vassar College and the National Journalism Center, she won second place in the 1993 Felix Morley Journalism Competition. In 2000, she co-founded The Armarium Press, a business and children's book publisher, and serves as its editorial director.