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Automotive Traveler Magazine: Vol 3 Iss 3 Page 56

Woodland Walks and Water Fun at the Sendaishi Pet Resort in Southern New Hampshire

Visiting New England with your four-legged friend? Now in its 35th year of business, Sendaishi Pet Resort offers special care for special-needs dogs, and plenty of outdoor fun for the more active canine crowd.

By Robyn Larson McCarthy

After leaving Chaucer for two less-than-ideal stays at another Manchester, New Hampshire-area kennel several years ago, I was thrilled to find the Sendaishi Pet Resort, founded in 1976 by owners (and top breeders of Champion Alaskan Malamutes) Joyce and Bill Matott.

In addition to what are now standard activity features at many doggy hotels--multiple play yards, swimming sessions with kennel supervisors--Sendaishi offers its furry guests the choice of two hiking trails around their 60-acre property.

As a senior fellow, Chaucer enjoyed the leisurely half-mile walk around the pond several times, leaving the mile-long hike up into the rustic hills to the younger pups such as his Labrador sister Brontë.

For those guests suffering occasion-al aches and pains--or recovering from a surgery or injury--Sendaishi operates a canine rehabilitation and fitness center, featuring everything from an underwater treadmill to therapeutic ultrasound.

Veterinarian-prescribed medications are dispensed free of charge--a welcome detail given that most kennels Chaucer has stayed at charge at least $1.00 for this service. An older dog or one with a chronic condition can rack up a big "medication administration" bill pretty quickly.

This review was adapted from ChaucerSeesAmerica.com.