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Automotive Traveler Magazine: 2013 02 Romney Rambler Page 4 link

picked up the story, posting an article that was widely syndicated and caught the attention of AutoWeek. Meanwhile, three friends who knew my interest in all things AMC had gotten in touch to make sure I'd heard about the car. I reached Ackerman via eBay, and it turned out he lives just an hour north of me.

I arranged to photograph the Rambler, with an eye to producing a magazine feature on the car, its first owner, and, indirectly, his most famous son, Mitt.

The Rambler Classic 550 two-door is in exceptionally original condition with no indication of a repaint at any point over the 60,000 miles it covered the last 49 years. It has a few dents picked up along the way but no sign of the plague of most Ramblers: rust.

The car is equipped with a 196-cubic-inch, overhead-valve, six-cylinder engine with a three-on-the-tree manual transmission and drum brakes. The interior is in almost perfect condition, with the exception of the rubber floor mats. They have disintegrated, most likely from summers in the Texas heat.

It would be unusual for a Sixties base-model Rambler, even one in such original condition, to go for more than $5,000. Yet with all the attention this particular car generated, it sold for $13,400 when the auction closed at 9:00 a.m. P.S.T. on 22 February. According to the seller, it is going to a new owner residing in New York City.

Look for a follow-up on this Rambler Classic 550 after I've had an opportunity to speak with its new owner. My first question? What motivated him to purchase this slice of AMC and U.S. political history.

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