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Automotive Traveler Magazine: 2012 09 2012 Lotus Evora IPS Page 2

Among sports-car purists, there's one constant as unchanging as the sun above: a fierce, burning desire for a manual transmission. For many, it's just not a true sports car without a third pedal.

But sports-car purists also like to drive their cars as often as possible, and these twin desires lead to a dilemma. With increasingly congested roadways, the tedium of working a clutch in stop-and-start traffic gets old fast. Couple that with the undeniable fact that fewer young adults have grown up learning how to harmonize a shifter and a clutch pedal, and you've got even purists looking to compromise.

How to resolve this conflict? If you're a sports car manufacturer, you offer an automatic that is as close to a manual-transmission experience as possible. Many have gone this route in recent years, and now Lotus offers its unique take on the solution with its Intelligent Precision Shift transmission.

Lotus introduced the IPS this spring as a $1,950 option on the Evora, a six-speed automatic with gear selection controlled by large "Park," "Reverse," "Neutral," "Drive," and "Sport" buttons on the console and paddle shifters for individual gears on the steering wheel. (IPS is not available with the supercharged Evora S until October when the 2013 models arrive.)