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Automotive Traveler Magazine: 2012 04 Record-Seeking Road Trip Page 2

Without music, life would be a mistake.--Nietzsche

Two milk crates were tossed into the back of the Cayenne Red Nissan Juke, and the journey began. With a full tank of gas, a six-pack of bottled water, and a tight schedule planned, the whirlwind tour was greeted by a surprise October snow storm. The weather be damned, our intrepid travelers would not be stopped on their musical mission. Slowed, maybe... but not stopped.

The heroes of this story were embarking on a nearly record-book-worthy adventure. In about 14 hours, as the plan was, they would visit seven of the best record stores the American Mid-Atlantic has to offer. A circuitous route weaving through Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland was intended to maximize the time in each store and cram everything into a single day.

While it seemed slightly counterintuitive, the pair and their crimson coach would wander from west to east before heading north and then south. No, it's not how MapQuest, a GPS, or a strictly rational person would plan such a trip. But with some of the stores open earlier or later than others, travel time and retail hours dictated the route.