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Automotive Traveler Magazine: 2012 03 You Can Go Home Again Page 2

On a cool day in late September 2011, one of the 15 million Model Ts produced at Henry Ford's Highland Park assembly plant returned home again, as John Rasmussen brought his antique Ford for a ride around the place it was built some 94 years earlier. Echoes from the past seemed to vibrate in the air as Rasmussen motored his way past 91 Manchester Street, the address that put America on wheels. When the first Model T's rolled off the Highland Park assembly line in 1910, Henry Ford could not have imagined how important his plant would someday become, not only to Detroit but to the world.

John Rasmussen's love for the Tin Lizzie, as the Model T is also affectionately known, goes back 70 years. Thanks to a special uncle, in fact, Rasmussen actually built his first Model T.

His Uncle George owned a farm in Marlette, Michigan. And during the winter when there was little to do on the farm, he worked for Jubb Ford, a dealership in town. Instead of accepting cash for his labor, Uncle George took payment in car parts, specifically Model T parts. Over the years, his barn became filled to the rafters. So when Rasmussen was a boy of 10, his uncle invited him to build a car