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Automotive Traveler Magazine: 2012 01 Costa Del Sol Page 2

I've been blessed with opportunities to visit many places around the world. Yet one country, Spain, has eluded my travel radar over the years. I once spent the better part of a day in Barcelona, Cadiz, and Malaga while on a transatlantic cruise. Stepping ashore for six hours was no way even to begin taking in what Spain has to offer. This winter, I decided it was time to change all that.

I live in the wonderful state of Michigan, known for its outstanding winter activities. Whether skiing, snowmobiling, or curling up with your significant other in a snow-covered Upper Peninsula cabin, the Great Lakes State has your favorite cold-weather sport covered. Unfortunately, cold weather and yours truly are like oil and water. I'm a sun-and-surf kind of guy. Knowing all too well what awaited me during another Michigan winter, I made a commitment to pack my bags and head to Spain's "Sunny Coast"--this named because of its typical 300 days of sunshine per year.