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Automotive Traveler Magazine: 2011 11 2012 Volkswagen Beetle Turbo Page 2

Chick car [chik kahr] n.: an automobile more appealing to women than to men; a vehicle thought to exude feminine qualities

It has been said you can sell a man's car to a woman, but you can't sell a woman's car to a man. While the saying may be based on stereotypes, there is real-world evidence the premise is fairly accurate. The last few decades offer examples of vehicles in the "chick car" category that were not overwhelming hits because they just did not appeal to half the buying public.

Volkswagen's New Beetle found itself in that category. The New Beetle was initially such a revelation--both a concept car come to life and a throwback to an immortal design--that it appealed to everyone. As the car progressed through its dozen production years, its cuteness secured its place in the hearts of many women even as that same quality lost it many of its male fans.

So the German automaker took on the difficult task of replacing its unique model. Not only did the VW Beetle need to attract more male buyers to ensure its success, but the company faced the challenge of updating a model that paid homage to a classic. How do you revise a