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Behind the Wheel Video: 2011 Ford Fusion Hybrid

Introducing a new series of video car reviews with Sam Fiorani, automotive historian, car buff, everyday dad. Don't miss the companion article to this video in the latest issue of Automotive Traveler Magazine above.

At the tender age of three, Sam Fiorani was identifying cars at night from their head and taillights. He learned to drive sitting on his father's lap at five, designed his first car at eight, and submitted his first design to Ford at 10. He professionally sold and restored cars and wrote repair manuals for Chilton before joining Standard & Poor's as a market analyst. At 26, Sam Fiorani became the youngest-ever editor of the newsletter for the Society of Automotive Historians, and at 29, he was elected as the youngest-ever board member of the group. He has been tutored by some of the greats in the automotive world, including Richard Scharchburg (namesake of the Kettering University archives), Beverly Rae Kimes, and Mike Lamm. On road trips, he consents to trade in the keys for his MG and drive the family Dodge Grand Caravan.