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RV in the Mood for Love?

California's El Monte RV has a history of attracting couples on the road to romance. In addition to a Valentine's Day rental special this year, the company offers a few tips to ensure that Cupid comes along.

Ah, the romance of the open road! A young German couple visiting the States recently decided to rent a motorhome from El Monte RV. At the end of their 10-day tour of the West Coast, they were "so inspired" they made an impromptu trip to Las Vegas to get married.

The Southern California company actually has a long history of helping couples from around the world create romantic road trips, according Ammar Alghafari, general manager of El Monte RV's Los Angeles location.

"RV rentals offer couples a unique opportunity to explore the wonders and beauty the U.S. has to offer and still keep the closeness and privacy that they want to enjoy while traveling together," adds company marketing director Joe Laing.

Now, El Monte RV is giving Valentine's Day free as a fourth RV rental night to customers who rent for three nights. The company provides customers with comprehensive trip preparation services--including links to road trip destinations--and full-service RV rentals. Translation: Show up with your groceries and overnight bags, and step on board a fully outfitted home on wheels.

"Road trips are for lovers," says company CEO Ken Schork. "Some people spend months preparing for these beautiful trips. Others do them on the spur of the moment. They plan their moonlight walks on the beaches, sitting by the campfire, candlelit dinners in quiet places. A motorhome is a chance for two people to get away and be alone surrounded by beauty. There's something inspiring about 'just us' out to explore the world."

To inspire its customers this year, the El Monte RV team drew up a list of tips for planning the perfect romantic road trip.

And even if your preferred mode of road-trip transport is a minivan or motorcycle, their ideas are sure to inspire some special time on the road with your special someone.

Keep it short and sweet. Find several romantic destinations nearby that you both enjoy. Maybe you like wineries or romantic outdoor settings? Do you both love the beach? Just don't over plan. This is not a military expedition. Spontaneity fosters romance.

Create a soundtrack for your romantic weekend. Do the two of you have a song? Do you have favorite bands or music from those romantic moments in your past? Create a playlist of all your music and bring it along to listen to while you are driving... or for slow dancing in the motorhome or around the campfire. This will not only bring back those special memories, but it will also stimulate some great conversation.

Spend a few minutes before your road trip brainstorming some special touches. A bottle of champagne to share by the campfire. Extra blankets to use while stargazing. Candles, flowers, or other items to help set the mood.

Don't forget the camera to record the romantic memories--and maybe a tripod. If you're truly off the beaten path, you'll want a few photographs that actually picture both of you together.

The person you are taking with you is the reason for your trip. Think ahead of time about the reasons you want to spend time together exploring--and then pack a few small gifts that are sure to surprise your partner with your thoughtfulness. Chocolate, a favorite scent, a special gourmet food treat--little things he or she likes.

Small mementos--such as magnets or Christmas ornaments--are fun ways to remember great road trips. As you travel along the road to romance, don't forget to pick up one or two little items that will remind you of this special journey in the years to come.