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Road-Trip Food: Abe's Grill, Corinth, Mississippi

Southern cooking that's definitely worth the weight

By Debi Lander

From the moment you drive up to this little diner, you know the place is special. First, the parking lot is always packed--a sign of good food. And then the exterior décor, a hodge-podge of signs, slogans, and placards, grabs your attention and pulls you in.

The 17-stool lunch counter grill was opened in 1974, making it the oldest diner on Highway 72 in Corinth, Mississippi. Abe and Terri Whitfield are the worker-bee owners and operators of the establishment. Step inside, and Abe will fly over and make you feel part of the hive.

And when he tells you to grab an open seat, you'd better make a beeline as there's usually a swarm waiting. Still, service and turnover are speedy, and the prices won't sting your budget. Two eggs with bacon, sausage, or bologna, with biscuits and sawmill gravy plus coffee is only $4.59.

I buzzed over for breakfast and found a heaping mound of bacon and sausage stacked near the grill. These meats had been cooked earlier in the morning (doors open at 5:00 a.m.). When they run out, about 10:30, Abe switches to the lunch menu, which features burgers and fries.

The place is famous for its homemade biscuits with gravy or honey. I tried slathering something called chocolate gravy on some bread. Not quite sure what was in the nectar of melted chocolate. Although it wasn't my favorite, my friends raved about it.

In 2008, Mississippi Magazine voted Abe's Grill as the Best Place in the State to Ruin Your Diet. Now that's gotta prove they produce southern-style cooking worth the weight.

Abe's is located at 803 Highway 72 West in Corinth, Mississippi. Open Monday through Friday, 5:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Don't look for a website. Abe doesn't have time.

This review was adapted from By~Lander~Sea Food Tales.