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Automotive Traveler Magazine: 2012 05 2012 Range Rover Evoque Dynamic Page 2

The sound of a babbling brook slowly overtakes the crunch of foliage under the tires. At the bottom of the trail winds the creek, a true off-road vehicle required to ford it. From behind the wheel of this sporty coupe, it truly seems like an impossible task. That's when the light catches the words on the steering wheel: Range Rover.

Climbing back up away from the water, the little Range Rover rarely misses a beat. Sure-footedness like this really boosts your confidence while traversing rugged terrain. The all-wheel drive grabs at every bit of the trail, pulling itself through with confidence. On down slopes, the hill-descent control eases the car without the least bit of drama. All along, that little voice tells you the trail is nearing an end--and that all praise will be lost as soon as the tires hit asphalt.

Once again, the realization of what vehicle this is hits. While the leather wheel kept everything in control on the trail, it's connected to the electrically assisted steering that