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Opinion: Fox News vs. the Chevy Volt

Is there an anti-Volt agenda at the fair-and-balanced network stemming from certain hosts' preoccupation with defeating President Barack Obama?

It's an old trick in politics. Repeat something often enough, and the uninformed masses start to believe it is true. Listen long enough to Neil Cavuto, Bill O'Reilly, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Lou Dobbs, Eric Bolling, and other talking heads on Fox News these days, and you'll start believing the Chevy Volt is a threat to public safety. Perhaps even that the Volt parked next to you could erupt into a fireball at any moment! "Let's stop subsidizing GM," Mike Huckabee chimed in recently. "They've produced a car that won't run."

Absent from such commentaries--including this week's unexpectedly positive Fox & Friends segment on the Volt with Steve Doocy --has been any input from the 10,000-plus Volt owners who, collectively, have driven about 30 million real-world miles (20 million on electricity alone). Is this poor reporting--or do the folks at Fox News have it in for the Chevy Volt as a symbol of the Obama administration and taxpayer-funded bailouts?

Taking advantage of a few highly placed connections from my days at GM, I've learned that development on the Volt actually began... shush... back in 2006. Now, I may not have a cadre of research interns at my beck and call, but I did manage to figure out that this was a year after Barack Obama was seated as the junior senator from Illinois, and more than two years before the first auto bailout initiated by President George W. Bush. Yet watching Cavuto and Co., you would think the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue had been in on every design review of the last six years.

Is the Chevy Volt a failure, as some at Fox News would apparently have