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Automotive Traveler Magazine: 2012 03 2012 Swedish Car Cruise-In Page 2

Those among us who revere Swedish automobiles have had a bit of a tough go the past year. Saab--whose name was originally an acronym for Svenska Aero Aktiebolaget when the company began life as an aircraft manufacturer in 1921--was forced to suspend automotive production last Spring. Company CEO and chairman Victor Muller worked diligently to find investors to bring the company back. Still, on 19 December 2011, after principal and former owner General Motors blocked Chinese company Zhejiang Youngman Lotus from acquiring Saab, Muller was forced to file for bankruptcy. Other companies have tried to acquire Saab in the months since, but the General continues to block any purchase, for reasons of its own.

The result has been that those who cherish these special cars have become even more dedicated to preserving the breed. And so it was that the Northwest SAAB Owners Club joined the Puget Sound chapter of Volvo