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Automotive Traveler Magazine: 2011 12 Eveready Diner Page 1

Road-Trip Food: Eveready Diner (Brewster, New York)

Road-trippers are ever ready for a good diner experience.

By Robyn Larson McCarthy

Some restaurants, even specific dishes, are destinations in their own right--a French dip sandwich at Philippe's in Downtown L.A., sopapillas at Little Anita's in Old Town Albuquerque--while others are just good to know about if you happen to be passing through the area.

Heading along I-84 through New York on a recent road trip to the Southwest, we saw a sign for the Eveready Diner as my fellow travelers and I were ready for an early lunch.

An offshoot of the Hyde Park location featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, the Eveready Diner in Brewster embraces the 50s food culture with gusto, then adds the incongruity of a large TV showing CNN and electronic pagers for waiting patrons. (Our wait was a mere two minutes, during which time The Boy made good use of the device as some sort of spy decoder.)

With an on-site bakery and large kitchen, the menu is extensive--too much so for diner purists, but helpful for carloads of weary passengers. The Chevy Nova Omelette was an obvious choice for me, although the serving of eggs, potatoes, and Nova Scotia smoked salmon was so generous, a certain terrier enjoyed a few leftovers.

The eggs were a trifle dry, as was the roast in the Pierre's French Dip across the table, but our server was pleasant, and overall our stop at the Eveready Diner was a satisfying and relaxing break in a long day. Plus, walking back to the car, we found an elusive West Virginia vehicle needed for the license plate game!