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Automotive Traveler Magazine: 2011 10 1980 Ferrari Pinin Concept Page 1

Not Found on eBay: 1980 Ferrari Pinin Four-Door Concept

Think the idea of sports car makers producing four-door sedans was a recent trend? Ferrari had the idea 31 years ago. Best of all, Sam Fiorani discovers that one of his favorite Ferrari concepts will be a star attraction at the upcoming RM Auctions London event.

When it was unveiled at the 1980 Turin Auto Show, the Ferrari Pinin looked like the car of the future. Gracing the cover of the August 1980 issue of Road & Track, the vehicle was elegant, sporty, and exotic enough to wear the famous prancing horse badge of the Modena stables. It flashed the crowned "f" logo of its famed design house. As with the Dino before and the Enzo after it, the Ferrari Pinin drew its name from a real person. Sadly, it would remain a one-off design study.

Clean and svelte, the Pinin was unlike any Ferrari up to that time. Like the mostly unloved 400i, the Pinin stood taller than the standard two-seat models. Like the 512BB, it featured a flat 12-cylinder engine. Making the Pinin stand apart from the other models was the door